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Hi, I'm Åsa Isabelle. Thank you for visiting my page!


In many ways, the only consistent things in my life have been change and curiosity. My longing to learn and explore new things has been my driving force, and has taken me all over the world, from Sweden where I was born to Santa Barbara, California where I have now lived for several years.


When I was young, I had the childish dream of growing up to become a combination of my two greatest heroes, Astrid Lindgren and Ghandi. I so admired Lindgren’s ability to share meaningful stories with humor and joy, and Ghandi’s courage and passion for making the world a better place. Because of this dream, I first went to Stockholm University and became a lawyer, then moved to the United States and became an author. 


Then, in 2002, I discovered the incredible healing power of art, which came into my life when I became seriously ill. Since then, I’ve created hundreds of paintings and had shows in Los Angeles, Stockholm and New York.


Thank you for reading and please reach out with any questions or comments! I love to read them.

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