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There are plenty of books about raising children...

But how about raising parents?

The most important game most of us ever play is the game of parenthood – and it can be a very challenging one! If sports teams are important enough to require coaches, then we most definitely need them on our child-raising teams, too. Sometimes, when things feel like they’re getting out of control, all we need is a coach to blow the whistle, call a time out and give us a pep talk.

A happy parenthood is within your reach!

The ball is in your court

After a few words of wisdom, a pat on the back and a “Go get ‘em!” a losing game feels less overwhelming, and more fun. Your child is counting on you to show up each day ready to go and ready to win, with loving in your heart and a smile on your face. Let Dad's Play inspire you to play your best every game, because each one counts – you can do it!

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